OSC Hydraulophone. The new architectural centrepiece for the Ontaio Science Center. Aimone & Mann. 2006.

``Nessie'' the fun Poseidophone. Also known as a water piano or water-pipe-organ-flute. Aimone & Mann. 2005.

Popular Science / Core 77 Design Challenge Yo-Yo powered MP3 player. Grand Prize Winner. C.Aimone, T.Bartczak. Images: [1] [2] [3] [more images]

EyeTap visual prosthetic design and fabrication.

ano roboto: An autonomous painting robot. Nov 2004. Museum of the Future.

Mapster: An interactive video installation at Digifest 2004.

Living Geodesic Canopy: A dynamic interactive installation. An study on flexible architectures. Interconnected triangular panals contuously change their orientation in response to the activity in the hallway. Intelligent computer vision and a distributed embedded system controls the movement.

Reconfigurable Architecture C. Aimone, A. Jawarski, S. Mann: Architecture / Design.

DECONference 2002, Toronto, Canada. Project Leader: Engineering, Intererior Design, Architecture, Interactive Computer Environments, Web / Graphic Design.

Head Mounted Control System & Bluetooth Enabled Wheelchair. IEEE CSIDC (Computer Society International Design competition).

Autonomous Wall Climbing Robot.

Interactive Environment Design. 2002 Images Festival, Toronto, Canada.

Telematic Tubs. S.Mann, A.Garten, C.Aimone

Immersive Media for Hysterical Relaxation. S.Mann, C.Aimone, A.Garten, T.Hirmer

EEG Sculpture, Brainwave ElectroFunk. S.Mann, J.Fung, C.Manders, C.Aimone

Mediated Reality Bluetooth Device Locator.

ExisTech Corporation. Logo and letterhead design. Wearable computer design and fabrication. Italian made Weissenfels chain locks. Custom Bike Parts.

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