• Posted on: 5 July 2016
  • By: admin
Are you trying to find out the best way to store your flexographic sleeves? You can make sure that your print sleeve assets are protected by keeping them in a secure, durable and effective storage system through the use of flexographic sleeve storing system. The storage system keeps sleeves in a vertical position to prevent the force of gravity from altering the round sleeves to an oval nature. This will save you from the expense of purchasing new sleeves.

You will store many sleeves in a small space because of the changing racking structure. The presence of guides and frictionless rollers will enhance the easy movement of your racks from one side to another to form an access aisle whenever you require it using very small floor space.


Flexcarts are meant to fit 9 and 11 sleeves and are in suitable regular sizes. The flexcart has a castor design that enables the cart to turn and transverse in compacted quarters. You can easily disconnect the stainless steel drip tray on the cart to enable you to conduct machine or pressure cleaning. The drip tray on the cart is also resilient to washing materials and diluters.

The stainless steel ball valve will make it easier for you to empty washing substances into a container for quicker discarding. The flexcart is also made in a way that enhances a faster scrub down of print sleeve close to the press or turns it to a more suitable position. The lowest tray enables you to keep chucks and adaptors. The cleaning cart permits each sleeve to be kept on the top of a stainless steel washbasin to enhance exhaustive cleaning.


A flexstand is a flex storage that has no overhead rail system; has the racks. If you need to keep a small number of sleeves, flexstand is the best choice for you. Flextand has expandable, high quality, durable units for efficient Flexographic sleeve storage. It enhances your easy transportation of sleeves from the store area to the printing press. The flexstand also holds sleeves on a horizontal and not vertical rod to enable you to put easily and remove the sleeves on the cat.

The sleeve handling carts are made in a way that will enable you to easily and safely move sleeves from storage to production without destroying them.

Flex Storage Solutions

The flex storage solutions have powdered steel faces to resist wearing and enhance easy cleaning. The sleeve is placed on rubber pads to hinder harm to the end. The flex storage solutions also keep sleeves within the sturdy racks to make them safe from any destruction. Flex storage solutions provide a variety of handling cats and accessories that will make sure that your press room operates efficiently.


Flex storage systems and accessories improve your production area in transporting, washing, storing Flexographic sleeves. It is necessary for you to purchase them to promote easier and enjoyable work.