Latest Engineering Technologies in Pump Packing

  • Posted on: 10 January 2017
  • By: admin
Are you looking for pump packing solutions that will last a lifetime or a gland that is cost effective and will serve you without headaches until the next preventive maintenance cycle? Well, there are a variety of pump packing solution providers with a broad range of services depending on your needs and budget constraints.

Pump Packing Engineering companies provide a wide range of Pump Packing products that deliver sealing systems specially designed to replace the traditional mechanical seals in the area of industrial pumping.

Here are the common services required in 90% of braided pump packing applications:

Water Service Packing

This is the most fool-proof service packing provision due to its rolled up piece of paper and will typically work for a while. In these tough economic times, you can pick this cheapest option to facilitate your pumping operations for some time.


Flax packing is mainly applied in propeller shaft packing and will come in many grades. However, it's not worth the saving unless you're a boat manufacturer looking to minimize costs for the lowest end models. You can try to extend the life of flax packing by using a PTFE coating that protects the flax from rotting or burning up.

Non-asbestos Pump Packing

This type of packing is common for irrigation pumps or industries pumping clean water. Condensates for fresh water injection also utilize the technology. Non-asbestos is relatively reliable and can hold up its operation for good time duration. You can improve its quality further by dipping the packing's yarn in blocking agents and lubricants to prevent screening.


This is an exceptional packing system for general service use. It is made of naturally lubricious products in PTFE and graphite. It provides more versatility than the Non-asbestos packing due to better resistance to chemicals and abrasives. You can be sure the packing will last longer and handle all applications under 500 F.


It's an exceptional sister product to Ameri-lon that solves various problems encountered with asbestos packing. It eliminates sleeve scaring and cold flow pumping issues.

Abrasive Resistant Packing

This packing solution eliminates the commonest problem of pumping with abrasions like sand, silt, etc. which destroy the packing after a short time. There are a variety of packing yarns under this category including Kevlar with five times more strength than silver. It's perfect for reciprocating applications and costs less.

Chemical Resistant Packing

A Packing Engineer designed this solution to fill the void left by Asbestos void and is perfect for high temperatures above 500 F. It provides resistance a wide range of chemicals. Perhaps the only drawback is the growth rate that is greater than that of metals. This means that at high temperatures, it will grow in size and cut into shafts and sleeves of pumps causing leaks.